«Tough workwear for tough conditions at sea»

RAGNAROK is a complete clothing concept for fish farm workers, developed in collaboration with the research institute SINTEF and with key operators in the fish farming industry. The collection consists of underwear,  mid layer and outer clothing.


RAGNAROK is a completely new and innovative clothing concept specially developed for the aquaculture industry. During the process, we have focused on the need to create garments of high quality which will tolerate the varied and sometimes extreme conditions they may be exposed to. Work clothing should always offer a high degree of comfort together with practical and functional solutions which will be economical as well as making every working day simpler and safer.

At Protex, we believe in a practical approach to product development and, to this end, have involved various key business advisers early in the process. Researchers and designers at SINTEF have given us the benefit of their experience and been active in the design process. This, in combination with our exceptional knowledge of materials, means that we can proudly present the concept of RAGNAROK BY PROTEX NORWAY.

While we are pleased with the products we have developed, we have no plans for stopping there. The aquaculture industry is both innovative and future-oriented, and Protex must be, too. We aim to develop the concept in keeping with changing needs and future requirements so that the industry can concentrate on its primary tasks.

Margrethe Engan Gjære

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