M/77 combat boot

The Armed Forces original combat boot, M/77 has been used and improved over many decades. Protex AS is the sole supplier of combat boots to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Since 2010, ProtexAS has been the sole supplier of ’Felt M/77’, the original combat boot, to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Thousands of combat boots are sent out from our warehouse in Ålen every year so that soldiers and other military personell shall be well-shod during military exercises and in the workplace.

M/77 is a boot with a high shaft in black chrome tanned leather with a black sole in moulded polyurethane and combination fasteners for lacing. 

We also supply models ’Pilot’ and ’Helicopter’. These are of the same outstanding quality as the ’Felt M/77’ but with a slightly different construction and appearance.

This tried and tested leather boot has unique properties which make it suitable for both work and leisure. What is more, it gets better and better with use!

’Felt M/77’ is good for work, leisure or for hunting in the mountain and forest. It is robust, fits snugly and will keep your feet warm and dry.

Lillian Erlien
Key Account Manager
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